Site Log

This is a list of all the changes I've done on the static pages of this site. This does not include member updates for the fanlisting; the last update date for those is always on the index page.

Sep. 29, 2018

Many thanks to Katenkka for her donated MCU codes! ♥

I made Marvel Anime codes, too, using fanart I commissioned from Burgermeistermb :) This fanlisting is now cross-listed at TAFL.

Jun. 18, 2018

Added a few more buttons to cover the Game (Avengers Academy) incarnation of Tony and Pepper (using another commissioned fanart from Har-leen), as well as this set of buttons featuring Essouffle’s fanart (with her permission). Thanks so much!

Also added a few new affiliates—please check them out!

May. 26, 2018

Made a bunch of codes featuring the Comics and Animation (Iron Man: Armored Adventures [IMAA]) versions of Tony and Pepper, per TFL rules (i.e., sites for combined FL subjects must have separate codes for each subject).

The laptop where I installed Photoshop died (I left the charger at the office intending to get it earlier, but it was the weekend, and so I decided against it lol), so I am grateful to the codes generator of and the BeFunky Photo Editor (a better alternative to Pixlr Express, IMO, which for some reason did not allow me to save my files!). These are great alternatives to editing images online, and for free. :)

The fanart used for the codes were commissioned by me from two lovely Tumblr artists: the comics version was drawn by Har-leen and the IMAA was done by Muse. Thank you for getting them done quickly! Muse was even sick during this time, so I really appreciate the speediness and professionalism with which they turned over the fanart. ♥

May. 20, 2018

Cleaned up the guidelines (hopefully they’re now shorter and easier to read), as well as some of the coding on the index page (didn’t want to show the stats since there aren’t any new fans as of now lol) and the forms. (I resorted to a manual update form because it’s been weeks, and I still haven’t figured out why Enth’s function won’t display the variables correctly when I add a member. Until I get that sorted out, manual addition is the way to go. *sigh*) Oh, and I also added this updates page. Yay.

EDIT: By sheer chance, I stumbled upon this post that solved my problems in Enthusiast. *dances with joy* #DeoGratias If there’s anyone else having a problem with theirs, please go visit that link. (Thanks for your solution, Tec!)

May. 14, 2018

I’ve forgotten how much effort building a fanlisting (FL) actually takes! First, it took me forever to be happy with the blend I made for the header (but I’m quite pleased with the final product). Then, it took me a while to finally settle on a name and URL (because I thought a Japanese-themed domain doesn’t quite go well with a Western subject, but in the end I decided it couldn’t be helped). And then, of course, my coding skills are so rusty, and that’s why it’s so much harder—and incredibly longer—but I’m glad I got this one done. (I’m still not quite pleased with some of the elements, not to mention the content, so maybe I’ll go and add those in the coming days.)

I was so psyched to be approved for one of my biggest OTPs, Tony Stark and Pepper Potts, and I’m so pleased my first FL after jumpstarting this domain is for them. ♥ So without further ado, I present to you:

The Tony and Pepper Fanlisting

The Tony/Pepper Fanlisting

(So: one down, five more to go, lol)